Reagan Republican: How GOP Destroyed the US Economy

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2 thoughts on “Reagan Republican: How GOP Destroyed the US Economy”

  1. Hey –
    David Stockman is not just a traitor but an indicted criminal that got off “scott free” as you say for stock pushing fraud in 2007. Now consider your source.

    1. Bernie –

      Yes indeed he was cleared of wrong doing after Bush admin was replaced by Obama admin [Stockman’s indictment in the late stages of Bush admin by SEC which was ignoring Madoff and Wall Street banks egregious finacial actions may be the reason for Stockman’s bitter attack on GOP???]. Also Stockman is also a member of that fun group, hedge funders, members of which are behind a lot of the derivative, CDOs, and over-leveraging financial disasters of 2007-2009. So the messenger may indeed have some baggage – but very telling is the fact that many GOP sources are not arguing the detailsof what David is saying.

      Your Takethe5th editor

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