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Har, Har, Har to Tom-Boy

In the battle of the quarterbacks in the AFC Championship Game , Baltimore Ravens, Coach John Harbaugh, and quarterback Joe Flacco have the last laugh. Narrowly defeated in the AFC Championship game last year on a missed Ravens field goal attempt, this year’s victory was no fluke but rather a 28-13 pasting of the Patriots and their quarterback  …

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World Cup of Sports

Football[soccer in North America] after World Cup 2010 can make its case as the World Cup of Sports –  the most popular in the world especially if TV ratings are used as a measure of popularity. The 2006 Word Cup Final had an estimated 600++ million TV viewers . North American  World Cup 2010 TV ratings …

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Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies: “Sorry About That”

The Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies were such an example of new “I believe” bravado rippling across the Canadian landscape and yet a wonderful opportunity missed. Sorry, USA  and the rest of the world – humble, self-effacing, meek and reliable Canadians will for the time being become more  like uhhh … ugly American Wall Street Banksters. …

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Major League Cover-up

“baseball” is doing a major cover-up on its doping problems. On Friday, baseball and its players union came to an “agreement” to whitewash all its doping problems – and the major trade press that covers the sport seemed to agree. Lets do nothing , sweep it under the rug, and gosh golly isn’t Bud Selig, …

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RedCard to FIFA

There came a moment in the USA vs Brazil semi-final game in the 2007 Womens World Cup when one had to issue a red card to FIFA. Fittingly it was the red card call by the Swiss Miss Referee Renghal. She clearly botched the call – Christiane of Brazil had brought Shannon Boxx of the …

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Its beginning to dawn on Hockey commentators in Canada that the league has done a great disservice to the game in recent months. Take a look at Stephen Brunt’s recent columns in the Toronto Globe and Mail. In essence Stephen is saying that for Hockey Loving cities the times are good. Elsewhere hockey times are …

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